Supporting Women Who Blog

Hey everyone!
I know I am behind on blogging; my work has taken up so much of my time that sometimes it feels impossible to keep up with my own work. I recently started talking to my friend again, and as it turns out, she loves writing as much as I do. Probably even more than me. Brianna King has recently started a blog, and I think it’s essential for the writing community to stick together.
Becoming a freelance writer, a blog owner, any type of writer is a huge step. It’s hard, it’s uncomfortable, so let’s support each other. Please click the link to read her work.
Subscribe, leave encouraging comments, and, most importantly, share to help grow her network and support system!
Thank you to all of my wonderful readers!
Click here to read her work!


  1. So it’s not on WordPress and I have to sign up to the wixit site to follow her ? I liked her fasting post 🙂 and couldn’t comment cause I don’t have that site


    1. It’s on wix and it is new, some of the kinks are being worked out! I will see if she can change it to being open for everyone! I have never used wix, so me help is very limited, but I wanted to show her support. Thank you for liking her post!

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