Importance of a Portfolio

Hi everyone, I know I haven’t been on my blog in some time, but there is a good reason. I have been freelance writing for Upwork. It’s a great platform where I am connected to thousands of clients looking for writers. That being said, I have been working 40 hours at my real job and another 33 on my laptop. I haven’t had a chance to keep you updated or work on my personal blog.

Some of you may be wondering why I keep this blog, and it’s an excellent question. The honest answer is, even though I only make a few bucks from my personal blog, it is a great portfolio to have. When you are first starting out as a freelancer, you don’t have any clients who will recommend you. It is critical to have a blog or a platform where you share your writing so you can send it to potential clients.

What a portfolio is

When I talk about a portfolio, I don’t mean a binder full of writing, though some people may want that as well. Especially if your clients will be in person. When I talk about a portfolio, I mean your best pieces of writing, an excellent website, and something that makes you stand out. You can show all of this through WordPress or any writing platform you choose.

Advice to the wise

The best information I can give you guys is even if you’re not making money from your site, keep it up and running to send to potential clients. Have a professional-looking website, a tagline, or something you focus on. The services you provide, or the type of writing you do, how they can contact you, high-quality content, and an author bio.

When someone sees the work you have put into something, they will see your skill set put into action, read the best pieces you can do, and they will ultimately decide if you are a good fit. These are the reasons I keep my blog up and focus on the layout and design.

Even if you feel uninspired, write something, find the best of your work, and repost it. Update old things, create better content to share with the world and potential clients. If you guys have any questions about Upwork I will be glad to answer any of them. This has been the best freelancing website I have used and earned from.

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