Why Shop Local?

I am currently in the middle of doing an Instagram giveaway to support shopping local. Several times I have been asked why? I, of course, had some sassy comebacks, because I couldn’t believe they couldn’t come up with one reason as to why shopping local was important.

So, let’s start with this, I am doing this giveaway to support the people I love. I know the owners, I’ve had coffee with them, I’ve walked into their stores and have had hour-long conversations with them. Every shop has had a few things in common:

1. Rent in insanely high, and they need the sales to stay in business
2. The lack of online presence is hurting them
3. The lack of local shoppers is hurting them
4. The strict parkingrules in town are driving AWAY the locals.

As a blogger, if I write with no intention, is there an actual point? I have a voice; I can make an impact. I can’t help with the parking, but I can help with an online presence and support these business owners. The more people that join this giveaway, the more of an online presence each business will have. One purchase is all it takes to support a small business.

Let’s finish with this. Why should YOU support your local shops?

1.It creates local jobs– The money stays local, and it creates a positive impact, such as finding a position close to home, the busier a business is the more help they need.
2.Enhances product diversity– Huge chain stores carry what’s in demand on a nationwide scale, this is great, however what if you want to target your everyday local customers? Small businesses carry what the locals want, plus what is in demand on a national level.
3.You know the people behind the product– Do you ever complain about products having certain chemicals and can’t figure out why or what it’s used for? Imagine knowing the owner who knows the person who made the product, you find out the answers to your questions without doing a 5-hour google search.
4.Better customer service– You can sit and talk to the owners for as long as possible, and find out everything you want to know. It is a personalized experience.

So why aren’t you shopping local yet?
To join the Instagram giveaway, please go to https://www.instagram.com/uptightprettygirl/


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