Shop Local!

This year my family and I decided we were doing a shop local Christmas. I thought this was a fantastic idea, it not only lets you support local businesses, but it is also an excellent way to see what products do well in a specific area and what is on-trend right now. I have the pleasure of working in Downtown Portsmouth, and every day I walk past these fun stores, and occasionally I buy a thing or two out of the shops. I have a few favorite shops that I am going to share with you guys! Now keep in mind these are local to me, but may not be local to you, most of these stores do ship, so you can still do some shopping if you’d like.

Prelude Boutique– They are located on 65 Market Street in Portsmouth, NH, close to the parking garage. It’s off the main street but still gets loads of attention due to their merchandise and the always cute window displays. They offer some of the best skincare products I have ever come across, some local products some not, so be sure to ask! They are now offering products with CBD oil in it, which is not illegal because it has no THC in it, or if it does, it’s minimal traces. They also offer amazing accessories, they have the best hats right now, and fine jewelry. This is the store I walk into that makes me feel GOOD, it’s my go-to when I need a self-care day.

Bull Moose– This shop is located on 82 Congress street and is for all my fellow music junkies. My partner is enormously into music, and I am huge into movies, this store is fantastic for the two combined. They have rows and rows of vinyl’s and music, and if they don’t have something in stock, they will order it for you! They also have the coolest little knick-knacks that would be fun for stocking stuffers.

Macro Polo– Located on 89 Market street Portsmouth. Now this one I am little biased about because I do work here, but I’d be lying if I told you we have no fun kids’ toys. We have a lot of throwbacks, like Gumby and Pokey (if anyone remembers them) and Popeye action figures. But we have also been mixing in new kid’s toys that make great stocking stuffers, and we have slime for days, so many types of slime and weird squishies, all the kids are begging for!

Em&Elle previously known as Serendipity- This is a cute clothing store located on 41 pleasant streets in Portsmouth. It is another store off the main road in Portsmouth, but it still gets a lot of traffic due to its fantastic reputation. They have new clothes each season that are very affordable, they have casual clothes all the way to fun party clothes. They also offer cool funky sunglasses, and fine jewelry to pair with a new outfit.

JaneGee– Is another health and wellness store, located on 107 Congress in Portsmouth and happens to be almost right in the center of a bustling small city. This place is well known for its facials and manicure/pedicures, so If you can’t find a gift from a local store, you can book an appointment with Jane herself or one of the other amazing staff members. Not only do they have a spa, but they also have various health and wellness products, like soaps, bath bombs, and incense. This store is to die for!

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