My Top 3 Exfoliators.

Today we are talking about my favorite exfoliators! I have been working on my own skin texture and really minimizing my pores, and have received a lot of questions asking which products I use. I truly believe having a good skincare regimen suited to your own individual needs is key to having healthy skin. Now exfoliators don’t do all the work for you, a lot of your skin problems can have to do with diet and how much you exercise as well. I currently have three that I absolutely love, all different price ranges and all different brands.

  1. ClarityRx Get Clean Bamboo Scrub. I can’t vouch for this enough. This is soft and moisturizing yet exfoliated so deep I hardly have pores after one use! It has coconut oil and Jojoba beads in it that create the best results if you’re aiming for an exfoliator that will not dry out your skin! To use this, you want to make sure you use an everyday cleanser first, follow it with this exfoliator and then moisturize. The best places to get it are at dermstore, or on Amazon! It is relatively less expensive than some of the others you can use, it cost $25.50 most places, however, if you are a hand and stone member you can get it for $22.00.
  2. Rodan and Fields– Micro-dermabrasion paste. This is a little bit harsher than the bamboo exfoliator, but it is soft enough to use one to three times a week. It does leave your skin look smooth and glowing, helping soften the fine lines and getting rid of all the dead skin cells. I love this brand because they are cruelty-free but not vegan. The best way to use this product is to use it in replacement of a cleanser one to three times a week. This product is second on my list due to pricing it is $83 unless you are a preferred client, and then you get 10% off your entire purchase. You can get this at
  3. Juice Beauty– Exfoliating Cleanser. Now, this is a fantastic product, but it is a little harsher than the others. It does take some time for your skin to get used to, and your skin may never get used to it at all if you have sensitive skin. There is a slight tingling sensation in their products that could be uncomfortable for some people. However, if you can get passed that it does wonders for an even texture and pores! It is a new brand, and everything they source is vegan except for their Chapstick! This product is $25 and located at any Ulta near you or of course amazon!


These are my top three exfoliators for a decent daily/weekly regimen. Having a solid routine with products that are meant for your skin will help you in the long run. I am a massive fan in the less is more, after I got my acne and pores cleared away, I started wearing less makeup, and in return, my skin has never been better. These products are not for everyone, but they are some of my absolute favorites!


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