Home Sweet Home.

For the second time since meeting my partner, he took me home, for the millionth time, this man has amazed me, and so has his family. The beauty blows me away every time I come to this little house a state away in the middle of no man’s land. As soon as I walked through the door, I could feel the love and security he grew up with, and I felt it so deep it encompassed my entire body and embedded itself on every inch of my skin.

I was immediately embraced by a small older woman who has seen more in her life than I could ever imagine. I could feel her unconditional love seep from her grandson and roll into me like crashing waves of joy.

There are very few people in this world who can laugh genuinely, love wholly, and accept people for who they are. Now don’t get me wrong this lady is set in her ways, she is stubborn, you would have better luck sweeping the dirt from your garden rather than getting her to change her mind. I of course, not growing up around her, think it is hysterical. Every time I see her, I connect the dots with my partner, I can see where he gets his genuineness from. I see where his natural smile comes from and the twinkle in his eyes when he’s about to say something smart. I see her odd little quirks bring out his odd little quirks.

I am amazed at what a safe environment she made for him and has extended to me. I sat there on her hammock and swung back and forth, looking at the gray sky, giving my partner more kisses than he has ever received in his life. Instead of the gray sky feeling sad and gloomy, it gave the water a bright reflective glare that made me completely happy. The water was like a silver velvet dress swaying easily around. This whole place was comfortable. It was smooth compared to the textured sky, which by this time had many different angry and happy grays mixed into one scene. The trees were turning colors and swirling and swishing, the leaves now swaying to a different rhythm than the water. Our hammock squeaked every rock we made, and somehow with all this chaos, there was only peace in my heart.

Is it possible for something so simple to hold such deep emotion? For the same tiny house and tiny women to take my breath away repeatedly? To have her leave me speechless every few minutes, to make me laugh uncontrollably? The answer is yes, but it takes time to find such a place. She worked her entire life to build a safe house for her children and grandchildren to walk into. As I am getting older, I see less and less put work into creating that safe zone for their future.

I appreciate her for every single possibility she has given my partner, and no words could describe the feelings she produces from within me. Every time I see her, I go home and send a fun little thank you card because no matter how many times I hug her goodbye it will never be enough to show her how good she did. Although by now, I am sure every child she has ever had has told her what an amazing mother she is. This woman told me she had no creative skill, and I would disagree. She spent an entire life creating a happy family; she spent a lifetime creating a safe place for her children to come home to. After all of the good and creativity I see from her , I would say it is me who does not possess any creative skills.


  1. This is just lovely. Thanks for sharing it!
    “She worked her entire life to build a safe house for her children and grandchildren to walk into.” That is, in fact, the most important work. xoxo

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  2. Wow. It sounds like a wonderful home.A great description of the local environment there. You have to be pretty mature to realize those qualities in another person and their home. And you expressed it very well in your writing.
    Wow again, you should consider authorship sometime. Love you.:).

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