The Ultimate Travel Necessities!

Hello Everyone!


As some of you guys know I have been traveling quite a bit lately and have been able to experience some amazing things and stay in beautiful cities around the world. I have also been really frugal about how I save money for traveling, I have been lucky enough to book my trips far enough in advance that the flights are cheaper, and I use Delta to earn the rewards they have to offer. I absolutely love Delta airlines and recommend the airline to everyone, their customer service is fantastic, and they will always get you to your destination as quick and safe as possible.

I love Delta, but I am not a fan of the checking fees. I won’t pay $25 to check a bag, because to me that $25 is something I could use to experience a new food or new adventure. So I have only been using a small carry on bag to travel! Everyone I talk to tells me they just couldn’t do it with that little of stuff and I always tell them they can, they just have to pack smarter!

I bring two pairs of shoes, and a whole bunch of clothes and all of my skin care products squeezed into my own travel-sized bottles! I’m going to share my best products with you guys, that save me loads of room in my case, save me money, and help me have the most comfortable flight possible.

1.Travel Zip Lock bags, These are amazing! I put all of my clothes in these bags and squeeze the air out! It saves my entire suitcase from filling up. You can get a pack of 8 for 17 dollars! I have used these nearly every time I have been traveled, and they are my number one go to.

2. Now I refuse to buy anything when I go traveling, what’s the point when I know I already have everything I want? I won’t purchase travel sized shampoos anymore when I know it’s the same price as a huge bottle of head an shoulders! I bought myself travel sized bottles for around ten dollars to fill up over and over again! I have saved so much by not buying anything travel sized!

3. A travel battery to charge your phone! Not only is this helpful in the airport, but when I went to Belgium I did not realize the outlets would be different! For the first day, this saved my life because I could recharge the travel battery on the hotel T.V.!

4. Do you ever wonder how some women can get on and off the plane looking like a supermodel? Dry shampoo and face mask! The last flight I went on, I brushed my hair, sprayed dry shampoo on myself, and wore a face mask for five hours. It was so worth it, my skin looked great and my hair had a bouncy vibe that no one else could beat.

5. Another fantastic tip that I recently just started using is silk pillow cases! They are better for your skin and hair. I put them on my travel pillow and then switch them to my hotel pillows!

6. The last one is a little more serious if you’re like me after getting on and off the airplane, your feet swell. I have no idea why, but it does happen, my feet swell up like I’m 9 months pregnant. I started wearing compression socks on the airplane, and gosh it worked SO well! I highly recommend these to anyone who travels a lot and battles swollen feet the day after!

These are my top few must have traveling items, they have saved me from checking bags and have made it possible for me only to use a carry-on. What are your top travel necessities?



  1. I don’t have many travel-specific products but I also tend to have as little as possible so I can enjoy the traveling. Also pay as little as possible, meaning pay nothing extra like baggage fees.

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    1. I absolutely refuse to pay baggage fees, or for travel sized products. I made this post because I know a lot of people who are still paying for this stuff and it adds up, I would rather save my money for something else!

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    1. The first time I traveled was to Bali and I could not figure out why my feet were so swollen! Now it’s something that is non negotiable when I travel! I have to have them.


  2. I have been using the travel “cubes,” which are nylon, light weight cubes of different sizes that fit into your suitcase. Arrange them any way you like: a cube for tops, one for underwear and PJs, another for shoes. When you reach your hotel, just move an entire cube out of the suitcase and into a dresser drawer. It is easier to stay organized throughout the trip if every item has it’s own separate space.

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  3. Wow, now you just changed my entire travel packing game by letting us know about compression socks. My feet swell as well 🙄 My trick to avoid product spills is Serran Wrap the top of the product then twist the cap back on. Thanks for sharing. xx

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    1. I absolutely love compression socks they are super cheap on amazon I highly recommend getting a pair. I wish I could post pictures on comments my feet swell up like little balloons!

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  4. This post I stumbled across is similar to yours. It might give you an extra idea or two.

    The Dollar Tree has travel sized products for those who don’t want to pack there own.

    If you find you need compression socks at the last minute, Black Bear Medical Supply in Portsmouth had them for about 6 bucks more than what you found on Amazon. (And your little sister liked going there especially if it involved doughnuts or ice cream on the way home.)

    Gee, the way I put my name on this comment really makes me feel old!!!

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    1. It took me a minute to realize who this was! The dollar store shampoo makes my hair wild, it’s not as good as the stuff I use so I bought the little travel size bottles and it saved my hair and money. But I do go buy extra toothbrushes from the dollar store! And of course, who doesn’t love shopping when it involves ice cream?


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