New Diet!

Hello Everyone!

I have made some substantial lifestyle changes and couldn’t be prouder of myself. I recently started a program called Nutrisystem, I have officially lost 11 pounds in about three weeks. I moved to New Hampshire getting away from a weird and rough patch in my life, completely overweight. Just from leaving a stressful situation I was able to drop 15 pounds, but I needed more help. My mom encouraged me to give this system a try. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made but not one of the easiest choices. The first week is rough, but after three weeks, I have started noticing incredible changes. I want to talk with you guys about healthy diets because I believe it’s super important to be conscious of what goes into your body. I am a firm believer whatever you put in you get out of your body.

I started out overweight, with mood swings, always tired, acne everywhere and no hope to fix it. I had trouble falling asleep and waking up. I had been calorie counting, but I had been neglecting to look at things like carbs, sugar, and sodium which all contributed to me being overweight. Sodium kept me bloated, sugar made me break out and stay up till ungodly hours. Bad carbs made me gain weight and lose the small amount of fiber I was eating. By bad carbs I mean, pizza, bagels, beer, white bread with no fiber, and potatoes.

Week one was miserable, I hadn’t realized how much sugar and bad carbs I was eating. I would eat a bagel twice a week when I was in a rush to get to work. I would dump one packet of sugar in my medium coffee almost every day. I had been counting all these calories and thinking I wasn’t doing too bad since I was eating around 1500 calories a day. Little did I know 1500 calories was way too much for me to lose weight. The very first week I was cut to 1000 calories a day, this included breakfast, one shake, lunch, a protein bar, and a dinner. I struggled, I was utterly grumpy, my temper was short, I had a migraine, simply put I was detoxing.

The second week I could move to 1200 to promote weight loss, and I was able to add in healthy carbs and healthy proteins, Nutrisystem was able to give me a shopping list with all the foods I could eat that would help me with weightless. Things became more comfortable, I knew what I could eat and add in, I started looking at recipes that I could use with all the “free foods” I could eat; Free foods are minimal calories, and you can eat a ton of it without it harming your weight loss plans, such as mushrooms and kale.

By the end of the week, I noticed I was able to sleep without my regular dose of melatonin, I had cut it in half! My skin started clearing up, and the scale went down. Seeing the numbers drop on the scale was a huge motivation. By the third week, I started dressing better, people were beginning to notice my weight change. I am so incredibly proud of myself.

I am not nearly done; my goal is to lose 35 more pounds and to be healthy in every aspect of my life. This isn’t a little goal, and it’s a huge lifestyle change, but it is incredibly worth it. Seeing the small changes keep pushing me forward. Feeling healthy and overall happy has made a massive difference in the way I carry myself.

This system may not be for everyone, but it is precisely what I needed to get to this point in my life.


  1. That’s good news, I’m happy for you. Such severe calorie and flavor restriction isn’t sustainable for me. Hopefully it does not create a rebound like effect where you are so hungry youngest whatever it that your metabolism slows down too much and go into starvation mode and hold on to your weight. Also isn’t buying their products expensive when the goal should be to just eat natural foods you cook? Just wondering, based on what I’ve experienced or heard.

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    1. It’s about $300 for a month of food. Before this I was spending about $200 a week on groceries that ended up being packaged anyways. So this ended up being less for me.If you have time to cook I wouldn’t suggest it but I’m stuck in my store doing 12 hour days. So it definitely depends on your lifestyle. It’s not for everyone. The nice thing about this program is it does encourage you to ween off the system. It gives you a shopping list of what good natural food you can add to the diet and gives you recipes to cook, and eventually the home cooking is supposed to replace the whole program. This is more like a kickstart for me. I am cooking more little by little, and it’s so nice to be learning about portion size and how my own body works.


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