Connections and Coffee

Having Coffee with me,

If we were to have coffee, I would take you to my little coffee corner shop, that has the best hazelnut coffee. We would stand in line, and you would notice that I get a ceramic mug instead of a to-go cup. I’d turn to you and tell you I enjoy sitting and tasting my coffee if the time is available. You would order behind me, and I would sneakily pay for both drinks, after-all I was the one who invited you.

I would go over to where the cream is and actively avoid it going straight for the low-calorie sweetener instead, you might tell me it’s terrible for me, I would nod my head like I am super concerned and yet still dump two packs into my mug with a smile.

If it were summer, I would insist on sitting outside, I would choose a table I could see the crosswalk and both nearest bars, and hopefully a table that would also allow me to see the front door. Id set my purse down and sit on the rickety chair immediately getting comfortable. You may struggle with the old chairs, and that’s okay they get time to get used to, they aren’t exactly meant for comfort.

I would give you a small smile and turn my attention to everyone around us. I would tilt my head and listen to the ongoing drunk conversations of desperate college girls. I would look at the newlyweds already drunk and arguing, I would judge the girls walking in stilettos on brick, and I would smile at the group of recovering alcoholics drinking coffee.

Finally, I would grab my mug, inhale deeply, close my eyes, and gulp down my bittersweet coffee. I’d open my eyes and look at you. I’d turn my attention to you and ask all the uncomfortable questions you don’t want to be asked. Why don’t you talk to your mother? What are your fears? Are you lonely? Do you unconsciously choose to be alone? Tell me what you believe that others don’t? What is something you want but your family is against? Why does your eye twitch, is it from too much coffee? Is it from stress? From this you would either walk away from me or be intrigued, you would also find out I can be just as open if I feel our connection.

You would ask me questions, and I would be open, but if I genuinely felt a connection, a spark of magic, I would have fun and joke around. I would tell you funny stories, you would see my sarcastic playful side, you would see unbound humor that can make some uncomfortable. You would see how passionate I am about life. I’ve always felt deeply, I’ve always felt emotions to the very core of my body. If we spark, we will ignite the earth with our friendship.

You would then realize, form the very first moment our eyes met I was judging you. Not in a wrong way, I was asking myself questions. Do I feel comfortable you? Can I laugh easily with you? Can I look into your eyes and see depth? Do I feel a sense of honesty from you? Do I see a passion, a spark within you? Depending on these answers, we may or may not have coffee again. It is not a win or fail test, it is me being able to decide for myself who I would like to be friends with.

Even if I never see you again, it was a pleasure to sit with you, it was a pleasure to observe others with you. Life is about connection, some connection is forced, and harsh, other relationships are easy and meant to be. I aim to have real connections with everyone if I don’t feel like we are meant for each other in some way I won’t try to force our relationship, and neither should you. At the end of our time, I would expect you to be as open and honest as I am.

In this world of grey, I try to make my emotions transparent, I genuinely try to be a good person, and I try to share my happiness with others. So, after drinking coffee, I would take my mug inside to the baristas, wave at them with a smile, walk back outside toward you. Give you a hug even if we don’t see each other again it was worth meeting someone new. At the end of it all, I would hope that you see there are still good people, and I would hope that you give more people a chance, trying to find the most real, most authentic connections possible.


  1. If you had coffee with me, I’d have a tea and a gluten free muffin, and let you offer to pay twice- than accept. We would be friend forever and I would randomly hit you up everytime I’m in town. You can expect that I will occasionally send you a gift and encourage you to connect with the other amazing and eccentric people I know all over the world without expecting anything in return. At the same time, everytime we meet for coffee, I will challenge you with 3 hours of the most varied discussion you’ve ever experienced in you’re life and then maybe go for a walk and make a day of. If you have coffee with me, expect an instant and honest friend.

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    1. I actually try to read new blouse every day and saw your post on yoga and how it helps you. After reading it I scrolled through your blog, really liked your content and decided to follow you! I am actually not a very good biker, I haven’t biked in a very long time. I currently live in NH!

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      1. Nice! You wrote blouse instead of blog though hee hee! I met an ex-pro biker named Ted King from NH. He bikes year round. I went to college in VT (wasn’t biking then). Home trainers are a good alternative. If it’s something you want to try, it’s fun and I hope you will. Want to see more of your blog when I can; the titles looked intriguing. Do you have any posts on your yoga? I can’t find a picture of you though to know who I’m talking to. Anyway, happy bloggin, yoga-ing and so on. Thanks for commenting.


      2. HAHA! I was on my cellphone when I wrote back to you! I don’t have a post on yoga yet, I did just post something about the workout routine I have been doing. I can’t wait to read more from you, I have always loved getting to know new people. I don’t have a picture of myself on this platform yet, but my name is the same on Instagram if you have one!

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      3. Thanks, that’s so nice of you to say! I would spend a lot more time reading and getting to know fellow bloggers if I could! Saw your IG, very nice! Another thing I should do to maybe get more followers, I just would rather write blog and book. Anyway, I write another post about yoga if you get a chance to read it. Stay warm up there in New Hampstah! – ADAB

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