A Talk Like My Mother Would Give.

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to talk about a topic today that is a little uncomfortable but extremely important for all men and women to know. I want to talk about birth control. This blog posts to all my social media, so I think it’s a pretty good way to share about something I think we need to talk about more openly.

Birth control is so incredibly essential but neglected too. You see couples on Instagram promoting sex; you see young moms kissing their babies. But have you ever seen a beautiful picture of someone taking a birth control pill? Probably not. Almost every single person I know, who is 21-22, has kids. At least one. I’m not saying this is bad, they love their kids, and I support their decision for having kids and they will be kick ass parents. If there were someone like my mom pushing all young ladies toward birth control, there would be young ladies who felt more confident and own their lives.


There are so many girls that say it causes weight gain, acne, or they’re scared to get it. Okay, I understand that, but it’s not entirely correct. The last thing is, I think society really shames birth control, and that’s why it’s so uncomfortable to talk about. The fact is the younger ladies and men need to know about it and talk about it, so they can use it without feeling out of their comfort zone. Why the heck would we not want that?

First, birth control itself does not make you gain weight it’s the hormones they put in them. Before you think certain things, you must research. Why would you not study something that goes into your body? If you’re worried about weight gain, ask for one with little to no hormones added. The rest is just proper diet and exercise that will help. As you get older your body changes, so that skinny 14-year-old you once were, will probably have to watch food intake in their 20’s.

Birth control does not usually make you break out! In fact, it lowers the androgen levels that helps with clearing up skin! If you don’t have good hygiene habits, you’re likely to break out, but not because of the birth control.

Do not fear something that helps you. Becoming a young lady means you need to take care of yourself, it means it’s your responsibility to know what’s best for your body, research it and then ask a doctor. Birth control is not permanent; it’s not like getting your tubes tied if you want to have a baby you can take out or stop being on birth control. Everything is your choice; it is not taken away from you.

The last thing I want to say is even though this is focused on young ladies, it is also a man’s responsibility to practice safe sex. I know this is so incredibly uncomfortable, and something my mom would lecture every single guy about, but it’s true. Condoms are made for a reason, use them. It takes two to tango, if someone ends up pregnant you become an adult even if you’re not ready.


  1. You’re made some excellent points – particularly about how pills can have different chemistry, but don’t make one infertile. One other aspect of sex can be STDs. IF you’re in an exclusive relationship, that shouldn’t be a factor / if not, it’s something to be considered.

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      1. You’re welcome. We’ve traveled abroad quite a bit and in some countries, we’ve seen +/- 30% of the country’s population have incurable STDs. That factor made a huge impression on me.

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  2. I agree with a lot. Ive never had any issues with “the pil”, but I hear so many women complaining their mood.
    Honestly, those who are complaining have never been the best company to spend tour day with 😉

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  3. Here after I saw you “like” a recent post of mines. Birth control is just an excuse to have unprotected sex. Instead of couples taking pictures with birth control pics they should take pics with condoms stapled to their clothes like TLC. If someone is using birth control they are most likely not using condoms; they forgot all about diseases. The best of both worlds is when the man wears a condom and the woman is on birth control. That’s double protection. And honestly when I hear a parent is pushing birth control on their daughter it’s always the mom. Coincidence? I think not. To me she is indirectly saying “I know you’re going to have sex but do not make me a young grandma. Wait until I’m all wrinkled up in my 50’s. Nah I’ll still be fine so try 80’s.”

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    1. I like other peoples opinions. There are many reasons I am on birth control, not because Im sexually active. But I do believe men should wear condoms as much as I think ladies should be in birth control. I also think you need to watch what you say about moms. My father wasnt in the picture, in some cases moms are all young ladies have.


      1. If I should watch what I say about moms then society in general need to watch what they say about fathers and how they portray them to have a less important role in the media.


  4. This is such a; good post with important information. I am years past child bearing years and I brought up both my son and daughter to take birth control very seriously! Condoms and birth control pills! thank you for bringing up this topic.

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  5. I’m going to pray about this. My first thoughts are usually not my best. Not much there at the top of my head. But can say I agree open discussion- civil speak is best. You impress me so much. TY…pax

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  6. I just started on birth control, and I was really nervous about the side effects like you said. But it’s actually cleared up my acne somewhat and helped stabilize my mood swings, and, OH YEAH, I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant! You’re right; this is definitely something that needs to be talked about more. I also think the stigma behind it needs to be erased, because I have several friends who have been on birth control since beginning puberty because their periods were so bad. It’s often not just a birth control but a necessary medication in order for people to get the most out of life. Great post! Came here because you liked one of mine, so thanks for visiting and you gained a follower! 🙂

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